Tesla Model S BHP

Tesla Model S BHP - Before buying a car, consumers are generally looking at the specifications of the motor vehicle. All detailed information about the ship is understood as the lack of reference to determine whether to buy or not. Especially for those who like the speed of the car.
The Tesla S Model HP

We know that the Tesla Model S is a very fast machine, but how much power does the production of electric cars? Of course, many of you who want to know.
BHP of Tesla Model S
From there sometimes, potential buyers find a condition that rarely heard before. For example, a device to indicate the engine power of the vehicle. At this time the world's auto manufacturers with specific units such as PS (PS/PS), brake PS (HP), strength (PS), kilowatts (kW) and Cevauks steam (CV).

Energy, consumers can find out how much power the motor can run. Or, though not always influential, the unit of energy also know how quickly cars can drive.

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The term PS is delivered for the first time by James Watt, a Scottish scientist. During this time he tried to compare the efficiency of his steam engine with a horse. 1 horsepower power in relation to the capacity of horses in heavy load plugs 33000 pounds or about 13.6 tons in one minute above the Earth's surface.

During the test, the horse is used with the rotary wheel to grind grain or pump water. The size of the wheel is made of wood, such as diameter and circumference, already suitable for graphic design. From there, Watts getting the right size to find Parallels between 1 H.P. steam engine with electricity. These devices are commonly used in American automobile manufacturers as well as in Asia.

Braking power (HP) is also often used to measure the performance of the machine. However, the device is said to more accurately measure heart performance Activator. Since HP unit already takes into account the energy loss due to the friction of the wheels on the ground. But the calculations, 1 CV is not far with 1 HP, or 1 HP = 1.03 hp

Other units are also widely used powerful horses (PS) and the steam Chaveuks (CV). Both terms are widely used in European car manufacturers, namely Germany and France. In fact, the horsepower is the power of the language of Germany.

This device has been used in Germany since the end of the nineteenth century to calculate engine power. This device is to show how the power of metric units, where 1 PS/CV is equal to 0.98 PS. Differences in the calculation are really profited from the manufacturer. It is very well understood by producers of Germany.

For example, the Volkswagen Golf R 296 PS, power numbers that are complex or responsible. But when using unit PS, 300 others.

Engine power calculation can also be units of kilowatts (kW), but rarely the countries that implement it. Because the calculation of KW is under HP of the unit when it is converted. Cotton comes from the Energy Division units (Joules) and time (w = j/s). Although less, physics and mathematics experts believe that this is the standard unit for measuring performance.

For example, 1 CV related to 745.7 Watts or when changes in kilograms unit to 0.74 KW. That is cars that have the power of 400 horsepower when converted to 298 kW only. Perhaps this will be a separate effect for consumers who want to buy a car because it is considered less energetic. Because there are not many countries with this block. Among the countries that use it are Australia and South Africa.

BHP of Tesla Model S

The amount of energy, which announced the vehicle directly to the round, Tesla Model S electric motor with maximum bhp of P90D 762.

If you're still lying, HP to measure it directly on the machine or the United States, while the crutches axis PS and HP gauge wheel round. With HP HP pure, we will know the machine without any loss of power due to the loss of Tire friction, gear and more.

There are simple ways that you can use to calculate online through http://ID.bestconverter.org/unitconverter_power.php at the address you can use.

Drag racing car combustion engine tests, the Nissan GT-R, most electric cars Tesla, Tesla-powered model S p90d. The second car was also able to accelerate 0-100 km/h around 2.8 seconds.

GT-R, on the one hand, has the higher speed, i.e. 315 km per hour, while Tesla is about 250 km per hour. But 200 HP Tesla power much higher than the GT-R. While engine 3 799 CC GT-R PS interesting 562 PS we regret if there are errors in this brief presentation.

2017 Tesla Model S P100D Horsepower

2017 TESLA MODEL S P100D HORSPOWER, Actually not a destination for carmakers, in particular, Tesla did not set out to create a performance-oriented cars super fast performance entries to two million dollars, a limited edition, and two seats.

C ' Mon Tesla model S never said or X is a sports car. Many of the luxury sedan or SUV family can conquer the legendary test track is not Germany.

But, regarding the direct torque and metrics on the road, which will no doubt arise on a daily basis (0-30, 0-60, a quarter of a mile), Tesla is truly unmatched.
2017 Tesla Model S P100D Horsepower

2017 Tesla Model S P100D Horsepower

Tesla to assemble model S-P100D by using an electric motor in the front and rear with maximum power 779-equivalent horsepower or 581 kW up to 1250 nm of torque.

Cars can reach speeds of 100 mph, in silence, at the time of 2.4 seconds.

Tesla model S P100D really now presented as the fastest electric car here in a short time the country was only 2.4 seconds of silence 0-100 km/h.

Based on the information on the page of Tesla, through modeling of an average top speed of 100 km/h, the vehicle's temperature of about 32 degrees Celsius and the use of temperature control in the cockpit, the Tesla Model S P100D cross status 558 kilometers per charge in full in the Bank as a measure of 100 kW lithium-ion batteries.

This car, the mileage can be improved to reduce slide 658 kilometers per charge at a speed of 88.5 km/h.

But realize that some of them, about to begin, which sometimes tends to be that buyers download Tesla of installation, select install in their offices instead of at home.

Drive shaft rear wheels machine the model S is simple and about 360-470 HP depending on (60, 85 or P85). In addition, it was generally similar but not the same  "battery electric Mattel " is completed.  "The most obvious difference to drivers, if the battery is very low SOC. In this state of a chemical reaction is less voltage and equivalent performance to produce, even if the physics engine is not changed. The maximum torque of the engine hardly changed as changes in battery capacity, although it reduced the maximum power battery power decreases.
While all of us, the model X and model III continues to wait for the only product the Tesla S model. Under an interesting body cache model S 100% electric drive. There are several versions of the thumb-329-PS P85F 691-PS. If there's "D's" in the title, it means that there are two engines, front wheels, and rear wheels to.--- "of course, this makes the all-wheel drive. " other versions of almost all as fantastic.

2017 tesla model s configurations

2017 tesla model s configurations  - S model has the best-in-class storage and folds flat seats have more room than most SUVs. You can take all you want – like a bike with wheels, or luggage for each passenger.

2017 tesla model s configurations

Two-wheel machine Tesla-just has technology that offers two independent motors with a grip with the front and rear wheels to control that has never happened before, in all weather conditions. As a result, the model S direct traction control and torque at each wheel, with single and superior full-drive system.

The battery pack located under the cabin floor, meaning that the feet are not as deep as a gasoline car. This means that passengers who sit in more's "walk out " position, which is uncomfortable, it is just different. This is more pointed in the back seat, pillow back leans at an angle to give it high enough.

Last year, Tesla model S to display updated for the first time since it was brand new. Instead of the shiny black oval panel that looks like a radiator grille, now sporting Model flat, blunt nose with body color panel released only a thin horizontal hole with a small 't ' logo on it. S-model Assembly retained its shape, which is considered the sedan, though it was a five-door, equally exceptional Audi A7.

Tesla has been smoothly the options for the S model last year, but it increased again rapidly. Currently offers three versions of Battery Pack (75, 90 and 100 kWh), rear-wheel drive or double engine, 7 colors color, different interior 6, 4 types of wheels, two roof options, and more.

The model S is the safest car ever. Built from Earth as electric vehicles, body, chassis, control systems and battery technology provides little chance the driver's injuries.

Costs around 30 minutes while enjoying a cup of coffee or a quick snack. And with more than 8 000 chargers all the way good traveling stationed around the world, the Model S can get you anywhere You want to go.

2017 tesla model s configurations 70d

Area.  For the other 21% battery, 85 gets only 10 percent more.  265 miles that have led from 25 miles of lead 70D ' s 240 miles. 

Go to all the wheels of the base model's expected sale of its juice, even if it really increase the range so that it will help to close the company. Most customers purchase one of the higher models for increased range if the bet is more than an additional performance and features. an additional 32 miles (theoretical) don't seem to be many, but 240 is a good round number that should give 200 miles away from the world for a fee if you keep your right foot on the ground.

The entry model S small in size that they are not emerging from the door panels, which adds to the structural security, but makes climbing in and out of the back is harder for bigger than Germany's competitors. Once inside, however, you will find comfortable cabin aft. Rear passengers also noticed that the cockpit flashing on their shoulders, with Fishing as they get up on the roof. A six-meter-high back seat is that the title is just a fraction of an inch above their heads when the panorama option hatch installed

Tesla Tesla guide is a company of transport and energy. He sold cars under the  "Tesla Motors that " stationary batteries Division and projects for home, commercial and utilities under the  "Tesla Energy which " Division. Tesla Tesla, model 3 Model 3 is the first vehicle to be built in the third generation of the platform Tesla. The goal is to reduce the price of admission electric vehicles without sacrificing range and performance. The model starts at $ $35 3 000 in the United States and delivery to employees and insiders of the company began in the mid-2017-shipments to customers starting at the end of the year 2017.

Option smart pneumatic suspension to $2 500, but only to 70D. battery contains two Configurations function. I don't know why Tesla has decided to do this. Some people deliberately refused to get smart when buying air suspension model S and no regrets for doing. For them, it was another gimmick feature which can lead to additional problems in the long term from time to time. Probably will not vote if you have a choice, but 90 d make up their minds to take.

Tesla launched a new version of the popular, all-electric model s Model s 70D replaced the s model 60, and now have a standard full-disc in the base model, not the back.

Model S announced in a press release on June 30, 2008, but few details are then presented. Tesla'S CEO will decide only in September 2008, GoingGreen Conference, that the car will be fully electric Tesla vehicles like all that will follow.

Security level model S accompanied EuroNCAP 5 star and 5-star NHTSA'S, certified American counterparts. According to the manufacturer, she received an overall rating of 5.4, the better the security side never received. This is certainly one of the elements of success in sales exceeding 200,000 December 2017 model S.

The basic model of the new Tesla has a double-engine all-wheel-drive in the same D in the title of the first P85D is accompanied by a large, high-speed 70 kWh battery. Tesla said from handset twin engine 514 PS, it, trees of output and 329 HP wheels removed the last number that is quoted on the Web site of Tesla. Overall, as they say, reach installation, good to 0-60 mph in 5.2 seconds and is EPA-rated at 240 miles of cruising.

How Much Is A Tesla Model S Cost

How Much Is A Tesla Model S Cost - What do you expect to buy a car Premium? Often times people calculate how much effort and bodies that can be followed. But try to read our reviews why the Tesla S model contains appropriate to get a car today, with many of the benefits you will receive, of course, it has to be something expensive.
How Much Is A Tesla Model S Per Month
Tesla Model S P100D - How Much Does A Tesla Model S Car Cost
Car class utility sports car powered by gasoline and diesel market, which has a different capacity, from 1.500 to 5.000 cc.  Because the engine power and weight of the vehicle weight, it is not surprising if the use of Heating Oil is enough to empty the bag.

What to do if the distance traveled past the hundreds of kilometers. As a solution, the electrically-powered SUV, that Tesla has already responded to it.

The use of the battery as the car engine, in addition to the environmental respect, also come in a variety of innovations and the best technology.

Not only is it certain that the car could meet operating costs. For example, both the battery from zero to full for seven hours.

In addition, in terms of treatment, the car is definitely not getting paid a lot, as well as replacing oil and more gasoline engine Assembly. Although the use of electricity, vehicle speed can be shown to allow maximum power 210 km/h to produce.

Written by admin  "Unlike other supercars. In terms of the environment and emissions without police. Also for noise nuisance is not good because the engine exhaust and mute,  "said.

However, there is a condition if you want to make rechargeable batteries car against it. When filling the House, the power supply must be at least approximately 10000 watts if charging would be more time.


We will count. The Tesla model S p for example that 100 Q can reach 425 km with one load. Although the time it takes to fill from 0 to full use 10 KW charger from 9 up to 10 hours, calculate cost/KWh overnight you can imagine.

But wait, is it fair if the trip back and forth Office still 425 km if 100 km? You try to count the results.

If the price of a kWh of electricity per day in their place, then multiplied by the total last night and for one month.

If adopted as a sports sedan 1:8 fuel economy in the city, and with fuel per liter travel 100 km per day. In a month, you must pay for your calculation. Emergency fuel costs, not between the electricity? But who the hell else would expect fees when being able to purchase a Tesla? Ready to replace the long-term maintenance, batteries, which is certainly not cheap. Do you want to have a Tesla?

Offers life insurance, Tesla is optimistic with the process of automatic car

Thanks to car handling control, Tesla offers not only ease when driving. Tesla also offered a price package for car care and life insurance.

General manager, who was familiar with the security features control automatic car Tesla. So, Musk started offering life insurance and Your package for some customers, so you no longer sweat the monthly cost of insurance, as well as an unexpected car repair costs.

He struggled on Wednesday. Tesla leadership believe they can change the way the new price and sell a car.     "We do in secret, " says President of Global sales and services, Tesla, Jonathan Mack, as reported by Mashable.

In Asia, the resumes, most car Tesla was for the sale of insurance products which are already adapted to Tesla. This insurance covers not only the safety features on autopilot but also the cost of maintenance of the vehicle.

Note that this service is not free. The cost of long-term care insurance and is included in the purchase price of the original. Although it is not completely free, it provides convenience for customers to learn how much it costs the new Tesla cars needed in the long term. And if the autopilot features Tesla makes the car becomes more secure, then the theory Tarid insurance cheaper compared with auto insurance, which does not feature automatic management.

It is no longer clear how certain known treatment cost insurance and life. Tesla did not give any information on parts if confirmed.

Tesla CEO says Musk movement will not break the insurance market as insurance companies agree to play well. If necessary, Tesla's Musk said it also will be interesting insurance companies. However, insurance companies will have a business partner who definitely should be able to adjust the cost of auto insurance risk. Tesla

It is not yet known when to offer cars that carry the insurance and will be given. But Tesla has shown the time that this company has a habit of following the bold predictions.

Tesla Model S 90D Review

Tesla Model S 90D Review - Skepticism often comes up when we talk about the performance of electric cars. It is no longer a secret if more electric vehicles around us happen. Call it a boom-boom car, golf car, electric car or mass like a real car BMW i3 the orientation of his life more environmentally friendly.

But it is clear he is different, the Tesla!

The electric car is now highly developed, especially in Europe and America. The presence of electric car production Tesla which now haunts the conventional car manufacturer, a.k.a. FUEL powered cars. Tesla model S 90 d even appeared in the year 2012, and because he has sold all over the world already 150 thousand. unit. Of course, it is a car that sells for a premium electric car.

2016 Tesla Model S 90D Review

Tesla model S 90D made by owners including Musk is discussing technical specifications, greatly.
Tesla Model S 90 D Review
Could run Toned Accelerates without pause Despite Just have 1 Tooth

Tesla Model S 90D Performance

Tesla 90D nomenclature is the performance model S, with 90D " ", meaning battery capacity 90 KW/h (kilowatt-hours) and has two electric motors Letter initials as  "for numbers.

Tesla's mentions the electric motor that can generate up to 259 DK.

Already consider a great really, but remember that it is Tesla.

Numbers 259 to make this one because every tree and axle (front and rear) has an electric motor, total power emitted by the Tesla model S 90D is 518 DK

A few? Shake 658 nm, which is in fact already popping up before step the accelerator.

Tesla claims 0-100 km/h finished model S 90D in 4.4 seconds.

We don't do a full test with the help of the assay but towing, when it's hard, speeding up claims that it is very likely to be true.

The head and body, as you are immersed in our Chair for Accelerator Stampede (full throttle).

Thus, offerings, if stimulated social movements in auditing if Tesla is the car, not the noise of the engine so that other users of the road can be done with a surprise.

Special sensations, special Sensations coming from the characters rocketing shots made.

Unlike a sports car or luxury automobile wheels using multi-level gear transmission, Tesla 90D is that the transmission speed is transmitted to all aka all-wheel drive.

Instant acceleration, without (LAG), as he is like a regular transmission seems to be white symptoms (removal).

Is that the new style (G) decreases when the gas pedal pressure is reduced or completely removed.

Application of the phase transfer of the fact that the Tesla model s90d special features there is also a manual mode as a lever in gear on the bike (paddle shift).

It seems that it's a little embarrassing.

Dashbord Feature and Body Tesla S 90D

There is no driver ALA ritual should see an increase in loss of teeth.

Tesla then hit a gas pedal, if you want to quickly and slowly after below or stop the stampede on the brake pedal.

Similar to virtual Arcade Racing game ALA drive.

Fortunately, the handling of hope worth mentioning Tesla is very sharp.

Electric motor targets, our ability to compensate for the engine, it was a wild driver maneuver very polite response.

When we suddenly are likely to moderate tempo, close once the movement responds to a vehicle with minimal symptoms of understeer or oversteer.

You don't have to worry about the roll, because during our tests before the start of more than 120 km/h, so it's really not incredible.

It can be fun single conduit aspects as companies, quietly and without a rain ritual.

However, very stable and capable of respecting the wishes of the driver through the proper treatment.

Dashbord feature and Body Tesla S 90D

Enough for the car to feel enthusiastic about the complexity of this series. As the dashboard touchscreen with 17-inch size, which reacts on the center console. This monitor is used for everything in the car, including the rules in sports mode, rotate the media open panoramic sunroof.

The show next door to hide the flat on the body when the driver approached the Tesla Model S, is with a key that is similar to the shape of her figure. But it turns out it was just a technology Foundation is the electric car for the State so it is not visible.

Tesla S 90D Price

Electric car Tesla Model S sold in eBay sales page. Although he can no longer, this car is very expensive IE USD175. The car has claimed the product in the world, most expensive Tesla. As for the prices for new cars, just $69900.

Tesla's Model S has been cited for auto-evolution, a special tuner car Tesla i.e. Tsportline changes. Although the revision of many people, which includes exterior and interior, still according to the manufacturer.

According to the seller's modification of the Tesla Model S is a very large cost, i.e. up to 60000 USD. To make it more convincing Sellers are in California, in the United States, there are also devices that have replaced as well as the price.

For example, bowling has replaced the nose with an external standard grid with grid costs NCGv2 USD999. Later, forged wheels rim TS114 21 inch Pirelli rubber base around $7500, which has replaced the original model.

Carbon fiber spoiler lip made sportier integrated materials and has a spoiler, trunk, rear diffuser with a total value of $5250. The Interior has been redesigned with price us $10500. The publication includes replacement skin, but also the head restraint, Tesla engine called a logo. In the bottom of the door, as well as a new audio package using the touch screen and the subwoofer and 1300 Watts of power.

Tesla Model S Review

Finally, 2017 Tesla model to look sleeker updated and back again with a new version with P90D. New Tesla Model S all-electric power given 2017 all-wheel drive, the speed of 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds to generate.

Tesla is a truly revolutionary and modelsS 90D, in accordance with their traditions. With an intensive design and impressive performance model S money can buy the best car?

2017 Tesla Model 3 Long Range Specs

2017 Tesla Model 3 Long Range Specs - Model 3 is the cheapest version of the various options for the Tesla electric car. But its presence is much anticipated by the potential consumer, because this car brings the latest technology, such as Scouting system of autonomous improvisation, acceleration and distance traveled far enough, as well as Super minimalist interior.
2017 tesla model 3 long range specs

Mileage Tesla Model 3 is based on standardized tests in the United States (us) has finally shown. Low price of Tesla electric car can be run almost 500 km in a filled battery condition.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) USA, as Paul preached karskups on Thursday (30/11/2017) yesterday announced the official implementation of the Model 3. Based on their test results, the combination of mileage (urban and road) Model 3 is 310.000 (499 km) to the option farthest.

Exactly the same results with the claim, Tesla's Chief Executive in the case of the initial distribution of the Model 3, July.

As for the Model 3 mileage in urban areas, according to the EPA, is a 321.9 miles (518 km). Highway mileage reached 295.5 (476 km).

EPA also announced that Long Range variant on Model 3 has an efficiency equivalent to 126 miles per gallon (53.5 per km) to field combination. Whereas, in urban areas, efficiency equivalent of 131 miles per gallon (55.6 km per liter).

On the highway, the efficiency equivalent of 120 miles per gallon (51 km per liter).

Note This efficiency puts the Long Range variant of the Model 3 is under the Hyundai Ioniq Electric. However, the swashbuckling new Tesla is still better than Chevrolet Bolt and BMW i3.

Model 3 itself is available in two versions namely the higher Standard and Long Range. The following details the specifications of both:
Tesla Model 3 Standard
Tesla Model 3 Long Range
Price from $ 35.000
Price from $ 544.000
Mileage 354 kilometers
Mileage 499 kilometers
0-100 km/h in 5.6 seconds
0-100 km/h in 5.1 seconds
Maximum speed of 209 km/h
A maximum speed of 225 km/h
Map and navigation
Map and navigation
Voice control
Voice control
Keyless activation, use or application
Keyless activation, use or application
LED Lighting
LED Lighting
Tesla Model 3 Standard
Tesla Model 3 Long Range
Cameras, radar, Ultrasonic sensors
Cameras, radar, Ultrasonic sensors
Electronic stabilization
Electronic stabilization
The anti-burglar alarm
The anti-burglar alarm
Monitoring the air pressure in the tires
Monitoring the air pressure in the tires
Dark colored glass roof
Dark colored glass roof
Car warranty 4 years, 8 years battery life
Car warranty 4 years, 8 years battery life

Outside features basically Tesla offers the option to upgrade certain components, e.g. for audio system, the LED light up to smoke, sitting on a heater. The company offers pre-order for those interested, but they affirm density because of the demand for most of the new orders would be sent next year.

Tesla Model X 0-100km/h Time Speed

Tesla Model X 0-100km/h - Such as car manufacturer, Tesla also offers various configurations for the sedan and SUV models, i.e. Tesla x. electricity seems to secretly have a new version of the X model.

Just to remember the numbers and letters that follow the Tesla car name is an indication of its specifications. In this case,  "100 " indicates the battery capacity of 100 kWh, while the "D  " indicates the presence of a pair of electric motors (Dual machine).

Before this, the Tesla actually already has a Model S and Model X P100D, where the "P" stands for "performance", indicating the fastest performance of all variants are offered.  So we can deduce that the version of the new version of 100 D is a bit more performance wise the shy, but instead, the energy consumption more efficient.
Tesla Model X 0 100

4 Battery Power Options Tesla Model X

Tesla offers four choices of battery capacity which can be chosen by the consumer. The same thing as a regular car, plus capacity, plus the strength and the distance from the road. The following statement is based on a review of data from the new European driving cycle (NEDC).

The class of entry-level type of battery D, 75 75 KW-H is claimed, can be driven 400 km, although the figures listed in the middle of the screen km 319 with a battery that looks a bit used.

Top speed is shown to reach 210 km/h and able to make a break for the sprint at 100 km/h for 6 seconds.

As for the types of 90D with a battery capacity of 90 kW-h, capable of passing distances to 485 km with a maximum speed of 250 km/h.

He claimed that the power he can accelerate 0-100 km/h in 4.8 seconds.

Then there is the possibility to power the batteries 100 kWh per 100 type D. capable of driving up to 565 km at a maximum speed of 250 km/h. in terms of acceleration, have the same result with the type 90 D, which is 0-100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds.

For high-performance type P 100 D, also equipped with battery power 100 KW. But in terms of acceleration, he got impressive results.

It is shown that 0-100 km/h can be reached in 3.2 seconds. Unfortunately, with growth accelerating suddenly, the range of this car is greatly reduced which is only able to traverse the distance 540 km course.

Tesla Model X is not just a colorful and comfortable car, but also a very good level of security.       "It's just the most important car, not speed, or comfort, but safety is important.

Through data that lead through the prestigious image of the self-test and the security of the United States that the development model Tesla X value of catch 5 star in a test. Given the acceleration of 0-100 km/h in 4.2 seconds time was only a sports car classmates and just a few small supercars.

Price comparison of capacity

For Model X 100 D, the maximum distance is 474 km-9 km away from the X P D 100 and 61 km far from X 90D. Once again shot the rockets have dropped to 4.8 seconds, but you try to look for flights to other SUVs may be that fast-I'm sure you'll be a problem.

The price of the reserved, as compared to the model S 100 D  "and" model X 100 D  "is only slightly more expensive than the D 90, the number of $3000 to be exact. Compared with P 100 D, model S 100 D $42 000, while the models are less expensive, more expensive than $37 000 x 100 D.

At the same time, the CEO of Tesla, near Twitter, shows that Tesla will have a new version of the car every 12 months – No 18 new cars, but with the assumption that the new components such as more sophisticated autopilot equipment and so on.

Tesla Model X 0 To 100km/h
Here, Tesla is currently in the industry where the notebook manufacturers often have a new version of the processor Pack and a number of other minor revisions. In short, if you decide to buy a car-made Tesla, just ready to be the bitter reality of your car is no longer just the last of the coming year.